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The use of “Tech-Zone” in these articles refers to the companies listed above, or whichever is relevant to the customer.

1.1 Terms of Service (ToS)

All sales for goods and services made by Tech-Zone are subject to these standard Terms & Conditions, except where agreed otherwise in writing.

You and We are protected by statutory (legal) rights, according to the laws of Guernsey, Jersey, England, or any European Legislation which applies in Guernsey. Where statutory legislation exists, or new legislation comes into force, your and our statutory rights are not affected by anything within these terms, and those rights take precedence over these terms. Where any part of these terms is overridden by legislation, all other terms still apply. Any order placed with us is subject to acceptance.

All prices quoted exclude carriage, GST and VAT, unless otherwise specified, which will be charged at applicable rates and added to the invoice total. Unless explicitly requested, a method of carriage will be at our discretion. Any costs omitted or corrections on your invoice will be invoiced/credited later. Please notify us within 72 hours if you believe you have not been invoiced the correct amount and we will correct the error. All advertised/advised/published pricing is subject to change at any time without notice due to market/currency/legislation/fluctuations and other factors. If a price has risen, we will advise before proceeding with an order if you have specified a different price on your order or agreement to proceed.

Repair Services shall be carried out with reasonable care and skill and so far, as reasonably and economically possible in such a manner as to comply with the manufacturer’s technical specification where such information is available.

“Tech-Zone” shall not be held liable for any further faults devolving or being exposed during the repair process, component level/liquid repair is not consistently successful, and there are rare circumstances where we have to return a device or system in unrepaired condition with further problems other than originally stated, this is due to the nature of the repairs and work carried out in component level repair.

We reserve the right not to affect repairs upon Equipment which in our view has been improperly used or cannibalised. We reserve the right to replace the whole or any parts or accessories of the equipment and to use a second user or reconditioned parts where the equipment is irreparable or beyond economic repair, we may offer alternative Goods subject to your agreement.

We do not undertake to erase any data from any hard drive/storage/NAND of an item being repaired as part of the repair service. You are strongly recommended to adopt and implement comprehensive back up procedures as we will not be liable for any damages whatsoever whether direct or indirect (including any liability to any third party) resulting from the loss of or damage to data or software application occurring as a result of the repair service whether such loss or damage is caused by our negligence or otherwise howsoever.

The customer accepts that Tech-Zone takes no responsibility for any data loss or damage during a repair/service.

Quoted times are always expressed in working days, which for this agreement shall mean Monday to Fridays, excluding Channel Islands bank, UK bank or other public holidays.

Estimate time for all repairs is within 1 to 3 working days, unless a special order for a part is required and in which case a newly estimated time-frame for delivery will be given.

If a special order is delayed by some cause that is outside the control of “Tech-Zone”, its agents or carriers, then every effort will be made to notify the customer. The customer shall have no redress for a refund of carriage or ancillary charges and will allow such extra time for the goods to be delivered as is considered reasonable. Any special-order request for a part or product that is irregular to our “general stock” order and totals greater than £190, we will require a deposit of 90% of the total cost, at check-in of the device pre-repair. A refund of a deposit on a special order (for any case) will not be made until the part-requested has been returned to the source and “Tech-Zone” have been reimbursed. Refunds for special part orders are only made via bank transfer, despite how the initial payment had been made. At the stage where a refund is agreed upon, the customer must provide appropriate details. Initial carrier fees, if any, will not be refunded and taken from the total amount paid.

At check-in, we require various personal details from you. It is important that you supply all details requested so that we can validate and process repairs/services efficiently. We require passwords/access codes to devices in order to pre-test prior to opening the product. A post-test right after the repair is then carried out and is cross-referenced to the pre-test and so we can make good any human error. We reserve the right to deny a repair/service if we are unable to pre-test a device. We do NOT violate your privacy and we advise customers to remove any confidential or sensitive information and ‘log out’ from signed-in accounts if you are uncomfortable with this situation. Our intention is only to be efficient in our service and having access codes allows us to facilitate a smooth repair/service. You can be assured that we treat your personal details, including email, your address, telephone numbers, and any other details in confidence. We do not disclose such details to any third party, except in connection with expediting/processing your orders/products. We will not use the details of your purchases in our marketing/publicity materials or any other promotion without your consent. These policies exclude any disclosure which we are required by law to make, crime prevention, legal action, or any issues relating to product safety. If ultimately, we are unable to satisfy ourselves of the validity or other aspects of a repair/service request, we may not accept it.

“Tech-Zone” shall have no liability to the customer for any loss or damage of any nature arising from any breach of any express or implied warranty or condition of the contract or any negligence, breach of statutory or other duty on the part of the company or in any way of or in connection with the performance of or failure to perform the contract except for death or personal injury resulting from the company’s negligence, and expressly stated in these conditions.

Any device left in-store over a period of 3(THREE) months without contact, will be considered abandoned and will result in your device being recycled. If a device needs to be with us longer than 3 months, this will need to be agreed upon at the discretion of the floor manager at the time of drop-off.

No claim against the company shall be entertained for any defect arising from any design or specification provided or made by the customer or if any adjustments, alterations to other work has been done to the Goods or Services by any person except the company.

In no circumstances shall the liability of the company to the customer under this condition exceed the invoice value of the Goods or Services.

1.2 Returns/warranty policy/repair guarantee

Should a device need to be returned to “Tech-Zone” having not rectified the original fault, then we will repair it under our warranty program providing the fault is related to or as a direct result of the original repair. All repairs carry a standard 12 (TWELVE) month warranty as of 1st March 2019. This warranty is only relating directly to any part fitted or components or circuits we have repaired and is not a full product warranty except where otherwise specified. Any Repair/Service carried out on or before 28th February 2019 has only 6 (SIX) Month warranty. (Warranty service was extended)

Examine the specific product’s warranty for details of what type of faults or breakdowns are covered. Any previous warranty your device had from its manufacturer will be voided by using our services.

The water/dust resistant barrier that may be on a device will no longer have the same water/dust resistance capability once checked-in for repair or service including any device inspection. DO NOT put any electronic device in any liquid – electronic devices are NOT waterproof. The resistant barrier will NOT have the same resistance originally stated by the manufacturer after any service by “Tech-Zone” that involves opening the product or inspection.

Do not attempt to repair, modify or open any product unless specifically advised by “Tech-Zone” to do so, as this will invalidate the warranty. The repair warranty is from the date of invoice and if an item is re-repaired under warranty, the warranty period does not restart. If a fault happens to develop or is found, this must be notified to us promptly. We endeavour to provide a solution to satisfy both parties.

Missing parts, physical damage, modification, attempted repairs, or any misuse (unless attributable to us), shall void the original warranty. Any subsequent repair will be quoted for when the item has been received from the customer.

A refund on parts will not be refunded unless returned to “Tech-Zone”. It must be returned in the same condition as given to the customer. Our original labour fee is not refundable. The customer is responsible for arranging to get the product to our facilities.

1.3 Phone Unlocking

Phone unlocking must be pre-paid – this is requested as once the device is unlocked, it cannot be re-locked. You cannot be refunded for an unlock unless the server returns “not found/not available”. Once the process starts, you cannot change your mind, and therefore you cannot be refunded unless the unlock returns as “fail”. Please note: the time-frame given to you for a unlock to complete is estimated and not a guarantee. The server may suffer downtime during holidays and scheduled maintenance. The time-frame given is working days, MON-FRI only.

1.4 Pre-Order/Sales of new & graded devices

All pre-orders or new sales orders must be pre-paid. Cancellation is only available at the discretion of management and will only be granted in extreme or rare circumstances. Please be aware of any special guarantee/warranty which will be provided pre-order of a device that is unique to the order.

1.5 Agreement of Terms


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2020 © TZ Repair-IT Limited

Disclaimers for particular repairs:

iPhone 11 & 12 series screen repair:

Apple forces a message to appear after any screen replacement that only themselves can remove. This is an anti-3rd party repair message in an attempt to discourage you to use anyone for a repair outside their network. Without the original screen attached to the phone on any iPhone 11 Series, a message will notify you to make sure you use genuine parts and complain about the new screen attached. We only use high-quality parts and even if we used a genuine display from another iPhone 11 phone that was made by Apple, this message would still appear as the phone is looking for its original “paired” screen. At the moment we do not have a solution to turn this message off, despite our tools to swap serial numbers. However, rest assured, our repair is a legitimate one, that comes with a lifetime warranty.